NB Deals & Steals, owned and operated by Nicole and Corey Bourland, opened its brick-and-mortar location at 100 Water Street on Friday and is a true family effort. From left, sons Carter, 10, and Easton, 12, help when unpacking and organizing merchandise, while daughter Graclyn Haynes, 15, is instrumental in the success of the online store.

City officials have something to sing about in terms of the economy in Dawson Springs.

For the second time this month, Dawsonians have welcomed a new business to the downtown area. Two weeks ago, and as featured in last Thursday’s edition, Tradewater Guns & Ammo, LLC opened its doors to patrons.

And just last week, Nicole Bourland unveiled the brick-and-mortar version of her business, NB Deals and Steals, which has been thriving online since her venture began on June 13.

“With the additions of NB Deals & Steals and Tradewater Guns & Ammo, LLC, it just goes to show that people still believe in building up our small community,” said Dawson Springs City Councilman Dusty Vinson.

Council member Martha Woolsey agreed.

“I’ve followed Nicole’s business on Facebook, and am impressed with her selection and prices of her ‘deals and steals,’ ” she said. “My son has already visited Tradewater Guns & Ammo and was thoroughly impressed with Rocky Howton’s selection and knowledge of his merchandise.”

As for Bourland, lack of space for her ever-growing inventory at home made her new location at 100 Water Street a necessity. In just three short months, the entrepreneur began to realize that “it was just too much — I needed to separate my home life from the business.”

“It just took off — it went crazy,” said Bourland of her merchandising business.

Her current stock includes “everything from patio furniture to bow and arrows.”

However, you can take the business from the home, but not the family from the business. She and her husband, Corey, have been married since 2008, and the couple, along with their children Graclyn, Easton, and Carter, have made Deals & Steals a family affair.

“The kids have been a big, big help, and without Graclyn, I couldn’t do this,” Bourland said. “She answers all of the messages on Facebook, she sends invoices — she does just as much as I do.”

The town has been supportive by sharing Bourland’s posts and page on Facebook.

“Business is great, and I appreciate everyone’s support,” she said.

You will find new merchandise at NB Deals & Steals on a biweekly basis, while sometimes additions are made weekly. Bourland has been in Food Services at Dawson Springs Independent Schools for five years, and so she doesn’t have set hours at this time. For more information on opening times or to see what she has in stock, you can become a member of the NB Deals & Steals group on Facebook.

“I will be open at least two Saturdays a month,” she said.

“I truly hope the community will support these local new businesses and I wish them much success,” said Woolsey.

“It’s exciting to see people invest in our community and I hope our community continues to support these small business owners,” Vinson said.