The Dawson Springs City Council will meet in a special session at 5:30 p.m. today in council chambers to conduct a second reading of Tax Ordinance 2021-04.

At its meeting on Tuesday evening, the Council held a first reading of the proposed tax rate for fiscal year 2021. The proposed tax rates, which “is a tax drop from last year,” according to Mayor Chris Smiley are: 34.1 cents per $100 evaluation on all taxable real property; 52.94 cents per $100 evaluation on all taxable personal property; and 19 cents per $100 evaluation on all motor vehicles.

There will be a two% discount on all tax bills paid by Oct. 31, 2021. There will also be a 10% penalty and six% interest flat rate on all tax bills paid after Dec. 31, 2021. A $5 advertising fee will be charged on all tax bills not paid by Mar. 2022.

Tuesday’s meeting began with a plea by resident Lori Wooton asking the council to consider including side-by-side ATVs in the golf cart ordinance.

“We’re working on that,” said Smiley.

In old business, deeds to city properties recently sold were discussed with City Attorney Ben Leonard. The only hiccup in the work is the lack of a deed for the vacant lot on Water St. that once housed the city’s jail.

“We’ve traced it back to 1909,” said Leonard. “The PVA doesn’t even have a Source Deed.”

In new business, the Council approved Municipal Road Aid funds for paving projects on Oak Heights, Kentucky Ave., Dorris St., Holmes St., Rosedale Court, Mill Dam, and the intersection of South Main St. and Meadows Hill Dr.

The boat ramp at the Mill Dam was in the original bid package, but council members expressed concern about the state of the parking area there and voted to amend the package.

“I’d rather do one or the other because I hate to see our funds depleted,” said Councilman Mark McGregor. “If we pave both the boat ramp and the parking area, that’ll just leave us with $50,000.”

“What else are those funds used for?” asked council member Joe Allen.

“In case of emergency — like a water main break,” Councilman Kenny Mitchell said.

“If we pave the parking area and save the boat ramp for next year, we’ll have a balance of $64,000,” McGregor said.

Due to the sense of urgency of the parking area expressed by council members Martha Woolsey and Chris Morris, the council voted on McGregor’s motion to pave that area and save the boat ramp for the next fiscal year.