Albert Jackson, seen here in a chef apron, as he was one of the chefs during a past year’s Cookin 4 Kid’s challenge, hosted by the Hopkins County Family YMCA.

The city of Earlington will be welcoming a new Mayor, Albert Jackson, the first week of the new year.

Born, raised and current resident of Earlington, Jackson is proud to finally fulfill his aspirations of becoming Mayor of his hometown.

“Each Mayor before me has poured into this community selflessly, whether they’ve accomplished all that they have set out to do, or not, their heart was in the right place,” Jackson said. “I’ve been blessed to live in a town that has had countless Mayors who have helped Earlington progress in a variety of ways, and my goal is to take Earlington to new heights with fresh, innovative ideas and the work ethic to get it all accomplished.”

Jackson, sharing that he has been entrenched numerous times by many people in the community throughout his entire life, he is looking forward to finally being able to serve and give back. Building relationships is the key to success, or so Jackson believes. Without the support of others a community may not be able to thrive to its full potential.

“I have been blessed to live in over 20 different countries throughout the world, yet, Earlington has my heart. Earlington is home.”

Some of Jackson’s early ideas and initiatives for his hometown are to establish annual community events, create a plan to improve the city and the failing infrastructures seen throughout, and to complete the audit so that inaccessible funds will be released in order to move forward. Applying for grants will also fall high on Jackson’s “to-do list”.

“Using the city council to its full extent, by assigning each member a task that will require them to research, assess, budget and then report back to council and myself. Maximizing our resources is key and it starts with each person maximizing their time and energy to accomplish the task at hand.”

Jackson is a Special Education Teacher at Hopkins County Central High School where he also coaches multiple sports and trains young athletes at the Hopkins County Family YMCA. An involved community member, he participates in Cookin 4 Kids, he hosts multiple basketball camps, events for the Rotary Club in Madisonville, and much more.

“My community is everything to me so I’m willing to work tirelessly to help see the place I cherish thrive.”

According to Jackson, he remembers how Earlington ‘used to be.’ It was a flourishing town that had a beautiful Main Street and bustling downtown.

“Earlington will be a place that we can all be proud of again, for generations to come. I will make Earlington a fun place for our youth and families again by providing events and resources centered around both. Unity is key across the board and I will establish that through open communication and progressive dialogue.”

Jackson will officially take the title of Mayor of Earlington, January 2, 2023.