Around Halloween, stories about ghosts, monsters and myths are often told to get people in the spooky spirit. In sticking with that holiday mood, this year the Hopkins County Historical Society and the Hopkins County Genealogical Society have partnered to host a speaker to talk about Bigfoot research.

Steven Ray, with the Genealogical Society, said Charlie Raymond with the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization will be speaking for about an hour starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday at the West Kentucky Green Center.

“I didn’t want to put a time constraint on him because I think people are very interested in this subject,” he said.

Raymond said his talk will include a multimedia presentation on remarkable evidence on Bigfoot sightings in Kentucky.

“There are some new reports out of that county, and we will be sharing eye witness testimony,” he said. “We have footprint casts and hand casts from Kentucky.”

Raymond has been researching Bigfoot for over 30 years and has documented over 400 encounters of Bigfoot in Kentucky.

“We have videos and photos of Bigfoot that we have gathered from Kentucky and the surrounding states,” he said.

He encourages everyone to come out on Saturday, and if you have seen Bigfoot, he would love to talk to you.

Ray said masks will be required during the event, and even though the location can seat 300, they just wanted to make sure people could spread out and be safe.

“We just feel like, in the present times, this is the best decision we could make,” he said.

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