Scores Pizza, located in Parkway Plaza Mall, opened their doors to the public this past November, with the intent of serving up smiles, fresh pizza and so much more to the community.

Owners Jinger and Paul Lloyd wanted to open a pizza shop, but do something to set them apart from other pizza restaurants in the Madisonville area.

“We have an all-you-can- eat buffet, and we feature slow cooked pulled pork. We also have great baked beans and potato salad,” co-owner Paul Lloyd said.

In addition to these menu offerings, Paul came up with the concept of putting the local county sports ‘scores’ on the pizza boxes. When the pizzas are delivered customers will get to see the local teams score, who won, and what games were played in the fast few days.

Once inside the restaurant, one of the large flat screen TVs in the dining room is always devoted to playing the Hopkins County sports, whether it be basketball, football, softball, high school or middle school.

Future plans to expand on the sports score concept is to give out yearly trophies to all high achievers in the athletic realm of high school and middle school sports in the area.

“Kids who do the best in the fields and on the courts will be given an award. High School athletics are the strength of our community. The support behind the teams are huge. I see this as something that helps make the community stronger,” Paul Lloyd said.

Lloyd and staff have noticed that people who come in, who wouldn’t typically attend the local games, are glued to the screens watching the local teams play while enjoying a delicious lunch.

“We want to give the people what they want, and if somebody comes up with a better idea, we are always open for suggestions.”