Masks and all, Dawson Springs Independent Schools Superintendent Leonard Whalen said the new school year is off to a great start.

“It is going amazingly well,” he said. “I think kids are ecstatic to be back.”

Since school started on Aug. 11, the Hopkins County Health Department has reported seven quarantines and six positive cases among the staff and students within the school district.

“We are not aware of any school spread in any of these,” said Whalen.

With positive cases rising in Hopkins County, he said the numbers have been what he considers very low.

“At this point, things seem to be working pretty well for us,” said Whalen. “We are following all of our protocols, using the face coverings, and doing things of that nature.”

He said while people are not necessarily happy about wearing masks, they do understand why masks are needed.

“Overall, I think students and staff have been very positive in dealing with the situation,” said Whalen.

The Health Department is continuing to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible students and staff in Dawson. A vaccination clinic was established at the school not long after school started. He said they told him about 18 people got vaccinated, but he is not sure if they were students or adults, or a mix.

Whalen attributes the successful first week to prior planning and the protocols the school has had in place since the beginning of the pandemic. His goal for the rest of the year is to continue with the protocols that seem to be working.

“We are hoping that we will be able to ease them as soon as we possibly can,” said Whalen. “Right now, with the numbers continuing to climb, I am not sure when that will be.”