Nick Bailey, Hopkins County Emergency Management Director, shared during this week’s Fiscal Court meeting, the statewide grant program and $26,000 in funds that are available for Hopkins County.

“Every year, this has been going on since I know at least in the 2000’s, the federal government have a program called the Emergency Performance Grant, where 2.7 million dollars is to be distributed amongst the 120 counties,” Bailey said. “This is a big pot of money and every federal fiscal year we are allocated money out of that pot.”

Bailey asked the court for permission for Judge Executive Whitfield to sign the contract with the state of Kentucky for this money.

“We can use it for any kind of emergency management program. This is a support program for the emergency management program.”

According to Bailey, over the last six years, Hopkins County has received $173,007. Special projects come up and then more money can be allocated. There is an opportunity in the future to get more funds out of the program.

Council voted and motion passed.