I like books and I like stories, but to be honest, I’m not terribly fond of reading anymore. There are a couple reasons for this. I am dyslexic and reading (and retaining) takes a while for me. As a father, husband, and full-time worker, the time investment seems like a lot. Combining all that with my short attention span and reading a book seems like a mountain of a task.

And then, necessity led to a revelation: Audiobooks.

I knew there were a lot of patrons of the Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library system that exclusively checked out audiobooks (long haul truck drives, grandmothers with grandchildren in far off states, and gym junkies mainly), but to me, audiobooks conjured images of elementary school books on tape and Teddy Ruxpin mouthing along to the words. I also worried about my ability to comprehend the story while listening without the words in front of me.

But there was a book I wanted to read, City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. All available copies were checked out and the wait list time on KY Unbound was several months. I did, however, find the audio version on Hoopla.

For those that don’t know about Hoopla and KY Unbound, they are digital services offered through the Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library for free. KY Unbound offers ebooks and audiobooks through apps like Overdrive and Libby. Hoopla offers ebooks and audiobooks as well, but also offers music, movies, and television shows downloads for free.

I downloaded the audiobook of City of Brass and began listening during my morning commute and before bed. The time flew by and the world of the book came alive as it played. I was engrossed and more than that, I was absorbing the information easily.

Now, I am “reading” more books than ever. Every morning, I look forward to the drive from Dawson Springs to the Madisonville library and back again.

If you’d like to check out audiobooks, we have a large collection of audiobooks for adults, teens, and children. On top of that there are hundreds more to check out through KY Unbound apps (Overdive and Libby) and Hoopla.