Hey Dawsonians! Long time, no see. And with the Coronavirus out and about, it will likely be longer before we see each other again.

Thanks to all those who continue to work, whether it’s on Facebook live, curbside, over the phone, at the hospital, in the store, through ClassDojo, in the office, at home.

This pandemic is not pretty. It’s not pretty for those who have lost a loved one. It’s not pretty for those who are ill or around the ill and for those losing their jobs. It’s not pretty for those who can’t be around people they love and miss.

We don’t know what the future will look like.

How many will contract COVID-19 and how many will die? Will all the local businesses open back up? When will school start again? What will the economy look like? What will society become?

Tough decisions are being made all across the world when it comes to the pandemic. Medical decisions. Financial decisions. Family decisions.

I ask that our community work together to get through this. If anyone can do it, Dawson Springs can.

The school district and its employees have stepped up to feed and educate our children during a time of mobile instruction. Local businesses who can stay open are doing just that. They are dropping off products on porches and taking orders in the parking lot. Businesses that are considered essential, including gas stations and grocery stores, continue to offer services in clean and well-stocked stores. Individuals are stepping up to make protective masks for those who need them.

It’s the Dawson Springs way. People stepping up to help each other. “Support local” is more important than ever. I hope you’ll remember your friendly neighborhood newspaper lady and the newspaper she calls home. The Dawson Springs Progress has weathered nearly 101 years, except for a short stint in World War II, and I’d like to continue to report your news.

We don’t know what the future will look like.

Stay safe, stay well and stay inside, friends.