At first it was a slow process, fractions at a time; 0.02%, 0.05%, creeping toward a modest 1.0%, then 1.3% and 1.5%.

Values that sparked little if any attention and absolutely no concern what-so-ever.

For years the numbers continued increasing fractions of a% every year, until it reached 7.0% and someone took notice. At 11.3% it became a concern to a small number. At 14.5% the increase actually became alarming to some. For a while it would remain a moderately slow change. Only over the last 10 years, the percentage has been increasing at an exponential rate; 22% to 25% then 31.5% to 37% and there’s no sign of it slowing, only growing.

What is it that’s increasing at such an alarming rate? Church attendance, and the number of church closings. We run around crying about the increase in mass shootings, drug abuse, decreasing morality and sex crimes. We blame guns, drug companies, the police and government policy. They didn’t quit going to church, we the people did. The last generation and the one before that quit going to church and so did their children.

The lack of morality has a great deal to do with the lack of church participation. The lack of parental guidance. Oh; that’s right, both mom and dad work all day, so the kids can have more. More what? Shorter, tighter skirts; guns (just for hunting and plinking of course); sexual encounters because they have more unsupervised time; drugs, who do they learn that from?; headache, back ache, sore throat, less energy, we have a pill to fix everything.

Wait! Don’t stop reading. It isn’t all your fault.

It started before they took the Ten Commandments down and God was expelled from school. He has sense been expelled from every public building. Some are even demanding all crosses be taken down from everywhere, even cemeteries.

Schools have sporting events almost every night and Saturday and Sunday. Most every grandparent today remembers when Wednesday evening and Sunday morning events just weren’t allowed.

Teachers no longer teach or discipline unruly children. Why? Because some just refuse to learn or listen, because they know they won’t get left behind. “Mom will rip my teacher a new one.”

All of which seems to be the fault of the silent majority. Those that didn’t have the right to blame the unruly adult or child.

The United States of America is more divided today than it was during the Civil War. Only today race is only a fraction of the problem. It’s anyone that’s different; looks different, talks different, dresses different, anyone that has a different opinion.

And of course there’s the class difference too. Upper and middle class, lower class, and those with no class at all.

Then there’s this climate change thing that’s been creeping in over the last five very noticeable years. It too is increasing at an exponential rate. The first thing was the rising sea waters. But it turned out to be the rising waters in the Great Lakes that got us first. Yes, the Great Lakes. Water levels have risen a foot and a half to four feet across the lakes. Some are actually trying to dig up their homes and move them to higher ground. For some it’s already too late.

Flood waters all up and down the Mississippi River have reached record levels. The Mississippi receives runoff from the high Northwest states, the upper Northeast and states all the way down to the Gulf. Especially along the Western edge of the Appalachian mountain rage. Add to that the extremely high levels of rainfall throughout the entire South central region.

Ground moisture levels in the region are so high we have the obvious mosquito problem. Only the real problem is the farmers can’t get into their fields until late in the season. Then, they have to get the crops out late, and in many areas late means too late and not at all.

Speaking of ground moisture, just a week ago an Eastern Kentucky train was derailed by a rock slide. That kind of thing used to happen only in the Rocky Mountains, where they get so much rain. What if it gets to the point that trains stop hauling goods through the mountains?

What’s going to happen to our food supply if this climate change continues? Keep in mind, rain causes rain. The more it rains the more moisture there is to evaporate. More evaporation puts more moisture in the air and … we get more rain. Just like less people attending church and Bible school leads a decline in morality, which, of course, results in more violent behavior and increased crime rates.

And here comes the point of all this bad news. Suppose I tell you it’s going to get a lot worse? And I mean a whole lot worse.

Like the end times. Tribulation. The return of Christ and the final judgement.

Throughout world history, how many nations has God allowed (key word) to be destroyed? God does not destroy them. They get so evil, vile, corrupt and full of sin they destroy themselves to the point they are overrun by others; even Israel, the nation of God’s own chosen people; Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed by fire and brimstone falling from the sky. Once this nation begins to get hungry, runs low on good crop land, what’s going to happen? Only the evilest will survive and no one will be left to police the world. With the mightiest of all nations gone the world will quickly turn into a ruthless free-for-all. All that will be left will be Christ returning to defeat all evil, judge those that are left and claim his Bride, the Church.

Oh yes, there are those that will say, “This is only a warm cycle the world is going through. The U.S. will recover, it always does.”

It always did. One Nation under God has never gotten this far from God before.