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I’ve mentioned before how I’m trying to reduce carbs and sugars from my diet. I recently found a delicious snack fitting the bill – FBomb Krunch Cheese Crisps.

These crunchy, chip-like snacks are a nice source of protein – they are made entirely from cheese – and are keto-friendly, vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free. While there are several good brands of these cheese crisp snacks on the market (such as Whisps and Parm Crisps), these FBomb snacks are a bit thicker and more filling than the others.

They come in a few flavors, but I love the slightly spicy buffalo one. They are great for eating out of the bag or you can use them as a substitute for croutons on a salad to add a little protein. I found them locally at Hy-Vee, in the Health Market section.

— Carole Dunn

I think the thing I’m really LOVING right now is that I can finally go to concerts again! Due to COVID-19, so many things had to be canceled the past year or so, and thankfully with the vaccine and other safety measures shows are happening again. I have tickets to Bonnaroo next week and I can’t wait!

— Sara Hunt

F or anyone with a long-haired pet looking to better manage its coat, I recommend trying the GoPets Dematting Comb.

It has a two-sided grooming rake, allowing you to work through any mats with the wider comb before using the narrower comb to give your furry friend a more finished look. Currently priced at $30 on Amazon, it’s definitely the most expensive comb my cat has had but also is the most effective.

— Erin Wisdom

T he coffee shops have brought back the pumpkin flavors! *INSERT HEART EYES EMOJI HERE.* Call me cliché, but I can never get enough of the pumpkin-flavored things. I want it all year long. I feel like last year my excitment for Fall was stifled by the pandemic, but this year I’ve decided I will enjoy my days no matter what life throws at me and one thing I find major enjoyment in: Fall. The pumpkin flavors have made me so much more excited (but it sure hasn’t helped my attempt at cutting back on caffeine!).

— Ashley Chandler

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