Basketball courts

Caleb Nelson and representatives of the Hopkins County Young Professionals met with the Madisonville Tourism City Council Committee and Tourism Advisory Board on Thursday to present their proposal to restore the basketball courts at the Rosenwald-Smith Multicultural Center.

Caleb Nelson along with members of the Hopkins County Young Professionals are on a mission to restore the basketball courts at the Rosenwald-Smith Multicultural Center.

At the Madisonville Tourism City Council Committee and Tourism Advisory Board special called meeting Thursday night, Nelson presented his proposal requesting $50,000 in order to complete the restoration.

According to the application for funding presented to the committee, an itemized list shows the breakdown of the $50,000 expenditures.

Four All-American Basketball Hoops with a collegiate breakaway rim and regulation backboards are $2,599.99 per unit giving a total of $10,399.96. Acrylic surfacing basketball court and stencil is estimated to be $12,500. Replacing four street lights with LED lights will cost $1,200 at $300 per unit.

The labor to install the four hoops would be $2,000 total at $500 per goal. Two of the five row bleachers would be an estimated $11,000 at $5,500 per bleacher.

In the miscellaneous section of the itemized list is a concrete barrier, ground lighting and cleaning the wooded area at a cost of an estimated $10,000.

That leaves $2,900.04 left over of the $50,000 request.

Nelson said the idea was formulated after his Bible study group turned into a unity initiative for the community in which he worked closely with Charles Yarbrough, the president of the Rosenwald-Smith Multicultural Center.

“The largest tournaments are three on three tournaments,” Nelson said, adding that Madisonville has tournaments such as the Summer Sizzler that is a five on five tournament, that Nelson said has had to turn down teams in the past because of the lack of space in the area.

“Although we do have courts over at Festus Claybon Park, we are in need of additional court space to hold larger tournaments,” Nelson said.

With the three on three tournament having four divisions, high school, middle school, youth and adult, Nelson said he anticipates at least 15 teams per division would come to Madisonville.

“It would be around 300 people,” he said. “I just think it is something that can really grow.”

Chad Menser, a member of the executive committee for the Hopkins County Young Professionals group said the group teamed up with Nelson on this project.

“The actual vision for this long term is to see if a pavilion can be brought over so you can play basketball inside and outside,” he said. “When Young Professionals came in was to see if we could get phase one done and phase two would be to see if we could do a pavilion. Young Professionals would control the funding to make sure it is spent right. All the items would be tax deductible because of the non-profit status. Caleb would be the overseer of the project, whereas the Young Professionals would oversee the funding of it to make sure that everything is going in stages.”

Nelson, a high school basketball assistant coach, also said a percentage of the money made from tournaments would go back into the community, specifically the high schools and the Rosenwald-Smith Multicultural Center.

Yarbrough said marketing the restored facility for things other than the tournament would also be part of the project.

“Facilities would be open for other events such as camps and alumni games,” said Nelson. “I really don’t see how this couldn’t grow to one of the biggest tournaments in the tri-state, which eventually money would be put back in to building that pavilion. There’s a lot of young coaches in the area that would bring their teams in.”

No action was taken on the request by the committee.

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