U.S Rep. James Comer took a tour of downtown Madisonville on Monday with Ray Hagerman of the Madisonville Hopkins County Economic Development Corp.

The Senate is expected to get down to business today in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. But a western Kentucky congressman thinks it’s all a waste of time and money.

“The Democrats are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill,” Republican Rep. James Comer said during a visit Monday to Madisonville. “Everyone knows how it’s going to turn out. Donald Trump’s not going to be removed from office.”

Comer voted against the two articles of impeachment in December, saying the president has done “nothing impeachable.” He said the votes “mean absolutely nothing,” since the Senate has a Republican majority, which Comer believes will be loyal to Trump.

Comer added the two “whistleblowers” who reported Trump’s actions concerning U.S. aid to Ukraine “don’t have a lot of credibility.”

Despite the distractions, Comer hopes Congress can be productive this year, even with the trial and an approaching presidential election on the horizon

“There’s bipartisan support on things to help those in need,” Comer said. He cited a possible infrastructure bill as one example.

But Comer also chastised the Senate, where Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell is majority leader, for how it handles House-passed bills.

“The Senate has a problem with putting a lot of the bills we pass on big spending bills, must-pass spending bills. That’s how they’ve been circumventing the process,” Comer said.

Comer added House Democrats must share the blame for being “insincere.” He said they include language in bills “to promote social programs that I don’t think very many Republicans would be able to support.”

Comer’s examples include sections on gun control and “LGBTQ language on labor laws.”

On another issue, Comer said the “Phase One Trade Agreement with China” that President Trump signed last week will have a “huge impact” for western Kentucky farmers.

“It’s going to bring agriculture back to where it was before the trade war started,” Comer said. “We’ve lost our soybean market. We lost a big %age of the poultry market. We lost our pork market. Corn prices have gone down significantly.”

Comer hopes the second phase with China will involve manufacturing, and especially auto parts production.

Comer’s visit to Madisonville included a stop at the Innovation Station downtown, which promotes business development. He thinks Congress can help with that.

“There are a lot of grants out there for small business start-ups,” Comer said. Federal grants also can help entrepreneurs revitalize historic buildings and create jobs.

But Comer had a warning for agencies attempting to recruit new businesses.

“The days of communities recruiting factories that employ thousands of people are probably over,” Comer said.

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