Kaboom's to host free fireworks demo

Rachel Smith / The Messenger

Kolb's Kaboom's Owner Wendy Kolb helps customer Caleb Garrett in preparation for the July 4 celebration. Kolb said that her store is open year-round but receives the most business during this time of year.

A fireworks demonstration will light up the Madisonville night sky at 9 p.m. on Saturday in the field behind Rally's on East Center Street. The demonstration, which will display 36 different fireworks, is hosted by local store Kolb's Kaboom's for customers interested in viewing the outlet's selection in preparation for the July 4 celebration.

The demonstration is free to view with attendees receiving a sheet that lists each firework's name and price for purchase after the showing. People are encouraged to start gathering at the parking lot of Kolb's Kaboom's at 8:30 p.m. and the demonstration is expected to last from 9 to 10 p.m. The event is scheduled for June 15, and a rain date has also been set for June 22.

After the event, the fireworks demonstrated will be available to purchase. The fireworks outlet will also host giveaways for select store items at the event.

This is the first year that Kolb's Kaboom's will put on this event, and owner Wendy Kolb said that she is looking forward to sharing her store's selection with the Madisonville community.

"Where most stores have two to three vendors, like Black Cat or World Class, we have those as well as 34 other manufacturers," Kolb said.

According to Kolb, one of the main purposes of the demonstration is to bring awareness to the store's location.

"We realized that there is a wide audience that doesn't know we're here," Kolb said. "So we're hoping that this will reach a whole lot more people."

Kolb said that she received inspiration for this event from her father-in-law, who owns a fireworks store in Indiana and has been hosting a demonstration for approximately thirty years.

"It's become a massive success," Kolb said. "That night, after the demo is done, I always see people coming into his store with their sheets ready to go."

And now Kolb is hoping to generate that same reaction from Madisonville.

Kolb said that she is hoping that those interested in celebrating the Fourth of July will come to the event to see the selection before making any purchases.

"It's great to know what you're getting before you purchase it," Kolb said. "We have videos of all of our fireworks, but the videos give them no justice. It's just so much better in person. You can really see the color and the sound."

While showcasing their products is the main purpose of this event, Kolb said that they didn't spare any expense to guarantee the demonstration's safety.

"Fireworks are neat, fun, exciting - but you have to respect them," Kolb said. "We're all about safety more than anything."

To ensure safety, Kolb and her staff have been in contact with Madisonville's fire chief to confirm that the demonstration will be in line with safety measures that recommend the display to be 300 feet from the building and have the display roped off so people cannot come into too close contact. In addition, the fireworks will be set off by Kolb's husband from a remote location in the store so the actual lighting of the fireworks will not risk any potential danger or injury.

According to Kolb, her store has gotten the necessary clearance to host the demonstration.

After the demonstration is over, Kolb's Kaboom's will be open for customers to purchase fireworks.

"We'll stay open until the last person leaves." Kolb said.

Kolb said that while the demonstration is not intended to be a traditional fireworks show, she hopes that many people will join Kolb's Kaboom's to see the hot, streaking colors light up the night sky.

Kolb said, "Park somewhere, take out your lawn chair, and enjoy."

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