The Kentucky Interscholastic Cycling League (KICL) began in 2021, and they are looking to grow this upcoming year. The KICL offers the opportunity for children and teens to get out, be active, and bring high performance cycling to Hopkins County. The league provides high quality, safe and fun mountain bike programs for the state’s youth while building strong bodies, minds and character.

According to James Seargent, Coach for BReeZ Cycle Worx Sponsored independent rider Chloe Sims (Owensboro) in 2022, “The great thing about the KICL is that one rider can be a team, independent, or a team can be comprised of multiple public schools, private or home school as this is a stand alone organization. So a team can be a composite team for Hopkins County that is comprised of 6 to 12 grade boys and girls for four different schools. Marshall County has 40+ kids on one team.”

KICL has a very detailed program that will take someone who has never coached before, or ridden a bike for that matter, and get them coaching.

“I had never coached a team before I started with NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) in 2020. In 2021 I put the time and education in to take Chloe to third place at the championship. This is a great opportunity for parents to become certified coaches and spend time with their kids. How many sports allow for mom and day to get exercise while they guide their kid through a team sport. You do not have to be affiliated with the school to become a coach. You can become a certified volunteer (level 1 coach) and be able to participate with children’s development,” Seargent said.

The program is designed to get kids out riding and being active rather than being placed on the podium. There are events at the races that is fun for both the kids and the parents. There are also special leagues with different focuses. GriT for example, focuses on Girls Riding Together, which is an opportunity for girls to learn about biking and how to enhance their skills with female coaches. There are also special GriT events held throughout the year.

KICL has strong guidelines on the coach to student ratio, which is six students max to one coach. It is important to build a strong coaching foundation to make sure someone is available to be there for the kids. We are looking for Women and men.

“I believe a balanced team at 50% of men and women and boys and girls riding together with teach respect and growth as the kids will see men and women working together to reach one goal.”

Most of the time, practices consist of showing how to maintain your bike, prep for races, and skill and drills in open park areas. Not every practice will be in the woods on the trails. Most will be at Grapevine recreation trails, but they can move from park to park to encourage team development and handling your bike.

BReeZ Cycle Worx has acquired bicycles for rent and bike scholarships for riders and coaches. They are looking for donations of bikes and funds to maintain the bikes.

According to Seargent, becoming a coach is easy, KICL will guide you through each level of certification, and you can start coaching buy watching a few hours of videos, passing a background check, and learning some basic bike skills. If you are interested, please visit, or email James Seargent at

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