To the editor:

I am replying to the letter published Oct. 20 (from Dawson Armour), not to question the endorsement but to share my views on labeling people.

The writer tries to define conservatives and liberals. It’s a shaded statement — adding the word “most” to the beliefs of liberals but not conservatives. First a Google search to define the word liberal as a noun, it means “a supporter of policies that are socially progressive and promote social welfare” and “a supporter of political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy and free enterprise.”

As an adjective it means “willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own, open to new ideas” and “a supporter of a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy and free enterprise”. What’s the problem here?

Then the writer states that conservatives support Pro-life, the 2nd Amendment, our military, national borders, and law enforcement. And then goes on to say “most liberals do not support these values”. Really? The writer goes on to tell readers that liberals support “open borders, abortion, limiting the 2nd Amendment and defunding our law enforcement”.

As a Democrat, I support legal immigration — not useless walls that won’t stop drugs or illegal entry. I support the right of a woman to have access to abortion in the case of rape or incest. As a hunter, I support the 2nd Amendment but think open minded people are willing to discuss basic restrictions to stop the gun violence that has killed too many children in the United States.

I doubt the writer knows what the concept of defunding law enforcement means — it’s not taking money away from our law enforcement. It’s about allocating resources towards helping the police deal with situations involving mental illness, physical and substance abuse. As the Chief of Police of Dallas, Texas said, they need this to help deal with situations for which they have no training.

As for supporting our military — as a veteran of the U.S. Navy who volunteered during the Vietnam war, I would find the idea that liberals don’t support the military laughable if it weren’t so wrong. I feel it’s treasonous for an elected official to call our war heroes “suckers and losers” — but that was said by a “conservative” Republican who never served in our military.

Please stop listening to the gross political ads from all sides found on TV, radio, the internet (including Facebook), and in your mailbox. Don’t let the buzz words above and others like socialism and patriotic, color your knowledge. Read up on what the issues really are, know where the information comes from (Russia, North Korea, Iran?) and work towards making us the United States of America again.

Randall Workman

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