Tax dollars abused
 and misused

Have you driven through the city and seen some of the construction going on? I have been driving around the "Best Town on Earth" on personal business and began to notice my tax dollars were being abused. Why does it take 13 city employees to pour concrete sidewalks on South Scott Street when an additional amount of sidewalk is being poured and finished at the new location for John Zieba's State Farm Agency at North Scott and East Center by five men in less time? Why did the city use 10 or 11 employees about three weeks to pour sidewalk on Dempsey Street when the private contractor using four men poured approximately the same amount of sidewalk on North Main and West Arch at the new Family Dollar store construction site? Neither of the areas the city worked in had as much traffic as the areas worked by the private contractors.

Who is the manager of the city employees? Who is holding these people accountable? I can tell you, NOBODY! Not the city manager, not the mayor, not the supervisor, not the foreman and worst of all not the taxpayers. NOBODY! Why don't those responsible drive around the city and do their jobs? Does part of their job description call for their department to waste our tax dollars? It appears that way. If you are tired of seeing your tax dollars wasted, start doing something about it. Speak to your councilperson, or write a letter to the editor. Get yourself involved. Get a group together and look for someone to run for office to put an end to this abuse. Look for several, we need them. We voted one councilperson out of office and what happens? He gets a city job, so we are still not rid of him. I will say that the mayor has made some good decisions and started good programs, but a little more thought was needed on some others before he acted. I would vote for him again at this time.

Let me say while I am on my soapbox the city is not the only ones wasting our dollars. Look at the county, spending $6+ million on a WETLANDS sports complex when half that amount would allowed them to be in operation NOW at the site west of town. Now on to the school board trying to spend $12 million of our money building a Sinking Grounds Tech Center on ground previously strip mined. Was this to allow someone's name to be attached so it could be seen from the parkway? I got a pretty good idea who that would have been, and so do others. Yes, Madisonville is known as the "Best Town On Earth," but if we don't start to hold elected officials accountable for their actions, we are not going to have that accolade in the future.

Dan Buie


Remember veterans by
buying poppies on May 25

As Memorial Day 2013 is coming near, I would like to tell the people of our community about a memorial flower seen at this time of the year.

The flower is called the poppy. It is red in color and you may some orange color. But today, I would like to talk about the red one, because this is the flower that the American Legion Auxiliary organization started back in June 1919 in Milwaukee to mark the homecoming of the 32nd Division.

A coffee and donut booth was decorated with paper poppies that was stripped of its floral ornaments twice, and passers-by who took the poppies left contributions on the counter. Several hundred dollars was contributed for the benefit of disabled veterans.

One of the women in the booth, proposed that distributing poppies on the streets on Memorial Day would be an excellent way for the American Legion post and the American Legion Auxiliary to raise money need for rehabilitation work. She presented her idea to George F. Plant, a member of Post 1 in Milwaukee and as a result this group conducted a poppy distribution on the Saturday before Memorial Day in 1920.

The first poppies were made in France by French widows and orphans. However, in 1922 the first American poppies were produced by veterans in Minnesota hospitals. This work was expanded until the poppies are made by veterans themselves today.

So on May 25, someone may ask you to wear our small flower and remember the veterans who served during all the great wars. Remember those who gave their lives to preserve our freedom and way of life. Remember those who are injured and maimed, mentally ill, sick and lamed, and those who gave their all on foreign shores.

The poppies you wear on May 25 were made here in Madisonville. Thank you to the community for remembering our veterans.

Elaine Josleyn

American Legion Auxiliary

Member Unit 6

American Legion Auxiliary District 2 president

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