With Biden, the hits just keep on coming

As we mark six months into the Biden presidency and the Democratic party domination of the Congress, we have witnessed a phenomenal trail of damaging policy decisions and legislative proposals.

Immediately following his inauguration, President Biden “singlehandedly” terminated the Keystone XL Pipeline, and suspended granting any oil and gas leases on public lands, thus promptly spiking the cost of fuel for citizens by almost 50% and ending our national energy independence achieved under the previous administration.

Dismissing the long years of navigating environmental concerns, and making changes to the project based on those concerns, Biden has abandoned pipeline transport of oil to refineries, which is by far the most environmentally safe method compared to rail and tanker truck transport.

Furthermore, he abrogated the trust our Canadian neighbors had in our word, as four years of investments and construction expense based on the patiently awaited permit approval of the US government was suddenly and summarily yanked without warning.

Add to these stark negative impacts of Biden’s executive action the immediate loss of thousands of well-paying jobs, as well as future jobs generated by the pipeline project and oil and gas exploration and production now shut down.

Then Biden promptly ceased work on the southern border wall and ended previous administration policies and procedures which had curtailed illegal immigration dramatically, creating in the months following a tsunami of illegal border crossings, enabling a virtual expressway for heroin and fentanyl drug smuggling, as well as human and sex trafficking, across the wide interior of the United States.

His administration has shipped captured illegal immigrants to communities across the country, providing housing, food, and medical care at taxpayer expense.

This dispersion of illegals has been without regard to the concerns expressed by, or even the knowledge of, the receiving communities this influx. In the middle of our pandemic efforts to vaccinate the vulnerable and restrict movements of citizens, Biden has directed the dispersal of illegals into our population without knowing COVID-19 vaccination and exposure or infection status, and even in knowing them to be COVID positive. Many are transported by commercial air carrier without any verifiable identification, while American citizens cannot even board a domestic flight without an acceptable photo ID.

But wait, there’s more. Biden’s has declared his administration is intent on prohibiting discrimination on the basis of “gender identity.” This position translates into biological males having to be allowed to use the bathroom, locker, and shower facilities of biological females, and vice versa.

To be more concrete, the Biden administration is committed to requiring your daughters, your sisters, your wives, your mothers to go to the bathroom, to undress and dress in the locker room, and to bathe in the same showers, as biological males who “identify as female.”

Similarly boys and men will be expected to share facilities with biological females who “identify as male”. Ask yourself if you really believe imposing these conditions in our daily lives is really a reasonable, safe, and healthy way to manage these aspects of our lives. Or do you rather regard such requirements to be a violation of basic rights to privacy, personal safety, common modesty, and decency.

Along with this “gender identity rights” promotion is the demand that athletes be permitted to compete with other athletes of the biological sex with which one identifies that differs from his or her own biological sex.

Anyone with basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology knows that the execution of this position means the undeniable disenfranchisement of women in any sports competitions involving sheer strength, speed, or endurance.

Add to this stand the Biden administration support for tax-payer paid “transgender transitioning surgery” and hormonal treatments, such as in the military or other government funded healthcare. Clearly procedures to remove body parts of one’s biological sex, or to construct on one’s body the features of the opposite biological sex, represents elective cosmetic surgery.

Virtually all insurance policies exclude such procedures from coverage. The basis for such surgical intervention is preference and desire, not medical necessity or recovery from a physical trauma. It is like not being comfortable with the shape of one’s nose or the size of one’s breasts.

Not stopping there, this “transgender advocacy” seeks through legislative proposals to prohibit and punish any medical or mental health practitioner who offers a patient with gender dysphoria anything other than affirmation and support — including minors, even very young children.

Indeed there are school districts already that not only instruct staff they must be affirming of any student expressing such thoughts, but also not to share knowledge of that student’s “gender identity” struggles with the parents.

Such a dangerous view of these matters is like declaring that the only acceptable response for medical and mental health practitioners for an anorexic or a bulimic patient believing himself or herself to be fat is to affirm and support the embrace of that view.

And as the expression goes, “the hits just keep coming.” But even for these concerns, I would ask: Is this the direction we want to be going?

Is this what even the voters who elected Joe Biden really want to see happening? Is this what you want to happen?

Well, hang on to your hats, because we have three and a half more years.

Any hope for restraining the disturbing impacts of this administration lies in decisions of state legislatures and then the mid-term elections for the United States Congress.

Call, email, write your state and federal representatives and senators — and vote.

Franklin Stevenson


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