Writer endorses Prunty’s re-election bid

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Messenger will cease running letters of endorsement for political candidates after Tuesday, Oct. 27 — which is a week prior to Election Day.

Jon Garrett — Editor

To the editor:

Times are different right now. Many fear and wonder what the future may hold. The election for State House is arriving soon and Melinda Prunty is the candidate to choose.

Even though tough times may lie ahead, Prunty will serve to ease the burden on the common people of Kentucky.

Melinda holds many viewpoints that I strongly agree with. One of those viewpoints is on the issue of abortion. Abortion is a terrible occurrence that involves the killing of infants before they even receive a chance of life outside of the womb. Melinda is a candidate who firmly stands against this injustice to unborn children. She is the candidate to choose in this fight for the right of life of these children.

The Democratic Party supports this offence and

will fight in support of abortion, but Melinda Prunty will be a crucial element to defeating this horrible act.

Conservatives and liberals are the two largest political groups within the United States. Conservatives hold values such as Pro-Life, support for rights of the 2nd Amendment, support for our military, support for national borders, and support for law enforcement.

Most liberals do not support these values. They support open borders, abortion, limiting the 2nd Amendment, and defunding our law enforcement. The values of the liberals are not a place of safety for the American people. We must re-elect conservative Melinda Prunty as our State Representative so that she can take a stand for the freedom and security of the American people.

Dawson Armour

Central City

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