To the editor,

Having championed HR 5, the so-called “Equality Act” (a major misnomer), President Biden and Democrats in Congress now are aggressively pursuing HR 1, another legislative misnomer called the “For the People” Act. For anyone taking the time to wade through the some 800 pages of this juggernaut of a bill, it would be better named the Destruction of Election Integrity Act.

Foundational in the bill now before the Senate is the federalization of the election process, imposing upon all of the states the processes, prohibitions, and requirements of this legislation, overriding the Constitutional delegation of electoral process to the individual states. This legislation seeks to nationally mandate a host of procedural changes that emerged in many states in the last election, implemented outside the state legislative process, and which fueled legitimate anxieties about the integrity of the election, and consequent suspicions of mischief and fraud.

Added to the adoption of these departures from established historical protections to support confidence in the outcome of our elections are numerous other changes, prohibiting widespread practices for assuring those voting are legally entitled to do so, and preventing votes cast and counted that are illegitimate. Principal among these changes is the elimination of any meaningful verification of the identity of the voter as entitled to vote whether local, state, or federal. And under all of these concerning issues is buried a provision requiring tax payer funding of election campaigns.

In this electoral power grab by the President and the Democrats, we have a nationalized undermining of reasonable practices for assuring those entitled to vote are duly identified and able to do so, while effectively preventing voting by those not so entitled. We also see abandonment of the protections of “secure chain of custody” in voting and ballot counting that provide confidence in the legitimacy of the electoral outcome.

This administration and the Democrats in Congress, campaigning for passage of HR 1, have chosen to focus on recently enacted election reform legislation in Georgia as somehow demonstrating the critical need for HR 1 to stop state legislative actions of voter suppression. They have been joined by their complicit propagandists in the major “news media” outlets, echoing President Biden’s claims that the Georgia law is an atrocity, “Jim Crow on steroids,” and other claims of return to the history of racist voter suppression tactics across the south.

Democrats are apparently counting on historical illiteracy among the citizenry.

The Jim Crow laws that imposed racial segregation, discrimination, and suppression of the right to vote were laws put in place by Democrats who overwhelmingly controlled governments, and held such statutes in place through the 1960s. It was Democrats in Congress that opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and threatened its defeat, with Republicans providing the margin of victory.

Those vilifying the Georgia election reform legislation apparently have not even read the law they so viciously attack, and are counting on others not to have bothered to read for themselves the law enacted and signed by the duly elected representatives of the people of Georgia.

Those who have read it realize that the law actually enhances legitimate voter access and increases opportunity for participation in the electoral process by all the citizens of Georgia. Indeed, President Biden’s home state of Delaware has more restrictive election laws than Georgia, along with other heavily Democratic states like New Jersey and New York. Yet the baseless claims of voter suppression persist as the major media’s narrative, themselves suppressing the facts of the matter.

Case in point is the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on State Election Integrity Laws, entitled “Jim Crow 2021: The Latest Assault of the Right to Vote”. Such a title reveals the hearing not to be a legitimate inquiry, but rather a declaration of presumption of guilt. While the press carries the attack message by the likes of Stacy Abrams, Committee Chairman Dick Durbin, Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, and the President of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, they fail to report important other voices in the discussion.

In my Google search for reporting on the 21 black civil rights and conservative leaders who submitted a letter to this Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, not one “major news outlet” had anything to show up.

Those signing this letter included Alveta King, niece of Martin Luther King, along with many other notable leaders from the African American community. The letter in part declares, “We, along with dozens of other black pastors and civic leaders in Georgia fully understand and support the state’s new election integrity law—a law that will help rebuild voter confidence, and make sure every vote counts. Those who have been deceived by a political campaign to discredit the new law and punish the state of Georgia, should stop, take a step back, and understand the real agenda here.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Durbin is managing the voices to be heard in this hearing, and this letter is a voice that he is not interested in hearing, or letting others hear, and apparently the Democratic publicists of the “major news outlets” are more than willing to execute their own form of suppression to continue the narrative of the Georgia law as an act of voter suppression.

Franklin Stevenson


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