Groceries for Good helps those in need

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter ran originally in November of 2007 highlighting the need that exists in the county to provide food and supplies for those less fortunate. Groceries for Good kicks off Sunday and runs through Saturday, Nov. 14. Food donated goes to the Christian Food Bank of Hopkins County. Kroger, Sureway and Marketplace are partners in the fundraiser.

To the editor:

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the middle of the day, late at night when I am alone or anytime when I am with a group of people — my eyes tear up when I think about all the people in our community who are hungry at that very moment.

I had a personal glimpse of that on Monday after an elderly gentleman and his wife called me in search of food. They apparently didn’t understand how The Messenger’s “Groceries for Good” campaign works.

I drove by their house and, indeed, they were in need of food. I bought them some groceries, just because I could and wanted to. The look in their eyes let me know I did the right thing.

I know they are not the only people in our community like this. Someone very close to me has four boys in a home where the husband and wife both work. He pays child support to the ex-wife and the children live with them. I have been in their home before and learned there was no food. It strikes close to home for many of us.

I look out the back door of The Messenger and see a lady picking up coal off the railroad tracks so she can stay warm. She also picks up cans to buy a can of tuna.

This weekend, you have a chance to do a very good thing. Please be generous during our annual Groceries for Good campaign.

Then, when Thanksgiving and Christmas come and you sit down to dinner, you can look at your loved ones and feel good that you gave the best gift of all.

If you can’t make it to the store to drop off canned goods, bring them to the back door of The Messenger at 221 S. Main Street in Madisonville and we’ll get them to those who make it their daily work to feed the hungry.

Monetary donations can also be made to the Christian Food Bank.

Thank you Madisonville and Hopkins County for being the best place on earth.

Debbie Littlepage,

The Messenger

Sherman says ‘thank you’ for support

To the editor:

It is with an extremely humble heart and feeling of gratitude that I write you this letter. Never in a million years did I dream that I would take the journey of running for public office, but I did. I was excited, anxious, and nervous but knowing that I was doing something that was bigger than myself helped me get through it.

I want to congratulate Adam Townsend on his re-election and express well wishes to him and all the other candidates. Although I did not win the seat on the City Council, what I did win was so much greater. The love that you all showed me was unbelievable, and I am forever grateful. To those of you who voted for me, thank you so much. Our work did not end on election night; it’s just beginning.

Let’s continue to work together, grow together, and lead together. If we continue the fight together, we will truly be “The Best Town on Earth.” I love you all, and remember this is only the beginning. We can still make this the start of something great.

Amy Sherman


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