Johnson was a trailblazer

To the editor:

Bobby Johnson was the epitome of what it truly means to be of service, and he practiced to protect and serve to include and not limited to supporting his family and friends.

His inclination not to allow them to see him sweat in the midst of a crisis far too few can manage. He was a noble person and a trailblazer of few words. Always respectful and always there to assist when called.

His commitment to managing his health while staying true to his love of commitment and support for those who have also made the transition, speaks volumes about his integrity when the world and those closest to him were making their own individual transitions.

His courage to share his medical vs. suffering in silence was a true demonstration of his courage and will change the heritage of a person living with diabetes.

Bobby was a trailblazer professionally as well. His keen and subtle ability to work well while making strides in a city such as Madisonville gives those who come after permission to excel professionally — all while staying true to what really matters as a loving son, brother, husband, father and friend — a journey that few can do well. Job well done.

Tim Nunley

Los Angeles, California

graduate of MNHS

America’s role in Venezuela questioned

To the editor:

In an interview with Aaron Mate of the Grayzone, Francisco Rodriguez, a leading economist in Venezuela warns of a famine caused by crippling U.S. sanctions, which could cause hundreds of thousands of deaths.

He explains how financial sanctions by the U.S. in August 2017 cost Venezuela about

$16.9 billion per year, and further oil sanctions in January 2019 are expected to cost another $10 billion per year.

You might wonder why news coverage of the starving and sick people of Venezuela never mentions that U.S. sanctions are the cause.

John Yarbrough


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