Religious Freedom Day should be celebrated locally

To the editor:

Newsmax's online Dec. 30, 2019, edition reported: "Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if he won the White House next year -- and if the 44th president wanted the job." The New York Times wrote "Biden told (this to) a voter at a campaign stop in Iowa."

Now add to the mixture just what a new Gallop Poll reported. That President Trump is as popular as former President Obama. That's interesting.

"Trump's first showing (is) in the top spot," for a tie with Obama. So, those who hate the president may not want to admit it, but Trump does appeal to the public. He is the public's new "most admired man" among admired men. And it's the D.C. politicians who want to impeach Trump; not the public. Well, not the bipartisan public.

So, what can we deduce from the Gallup Poll? That the democratic party hates Donald Trump? No, that's no surprise. The media says that all the time. The point to take away from the poll is best explained by what Eric Buehrer, President of Gateways said: Trump's "administration is very open to promoting religious liberty."

Two examples: AG William Barr told law students at Notre Dame on Oct. 11, 2019, "Ground Zero for attacks on religion are (the) schools. And, to me, this is the most serious challenge to religious liberty today." And public boards of education are now realizing the value of our First Amendment religious liberty.

Barr's correct. Like all killings in our country: the most recent one "in" a Church of Christ in Texas, and six Jewish individuals stabbed at a rabbi's home in New York during Hanukkah -- proves that Christianity and Judaism are hated. To AG Barr's point: our First Amendment gives us a "right" as well as it being a strong legal weapon for those who hate Christian and Judaism religion. We have a "Religious Freedom Day" each January. This year it is Thursday, Jan. 16, and Religious Freedom Sunday is Jan. 12.

Hopkins County schools and Hopkins County churches need to make plans to celebrate our religious freedom on these days.

Bill Adcock


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