Betty Cox of the Hopkins County Genealogical Society knows I like a good local history question. This one was from Paula Bentley of Arizona. She is searching for information on her mom Johnnie Pauline Davenport Benton (born in E'ton in 1903) and her dad William Richard Benton (b. Dalton, 1885).

The couple ran a store near E'ton, possibly close to Grapevine, known as Dutch's Store. The couple lived in E'ton in the 40s and 50s. Pauline's dad John Davenport, a carpenter and wagonmaker, moved to E'ton in the late 1880s from Christian Co. John was married three times -- to Amanda Smith (married by the Rev. Virgil Brooks), to Nona Holmes (whose 8 month old son John Henry died of meningitis and was buried at Oakwood in 1914), and to Martha Smith. John's father also lived his last years in E'ton.

One reason I love E'ton history is because one history usually entwines with another. I did a bit of research and learned that Paula's dad Wm (known as Red due to his hair color) and mom Pauline were married by my great uncle the Rev. Thomas "Leander" Lee Hankins. Lee was one of three sons of my great-great grandparents Albert and Isabella Goodloe Hankins. Albert's other child was Mollie Hankins, my great-grandmother.

I might throw in here that Albert Hankins was a sgt in the 8th Reg Ky Mounted Inf Co F of the Confederacy. That has little relation to the story except it helps me keep the "greats" and "great-greats" apart. I took a peek on and read a bit of the fascinating history of the Bentons and Davenports and their relationship to E'ton. I enjoy trying to figure out who lived where in the 1800s and early 1900s.

So, let me get back to Paula and her siblings. Red and Pauline had 12 children (half were girls and half boys). These were Lil, Richard (WW II vet buried at Old Salem), Tom, Vernon, Eunice Helen who moved to Nortonville), Jeraldine, Wanda, Norman Victor (born about the time as me), Cecil, Donna, (born the year as my sister Fay) Janice Marie, & Larry (died in '78 at Nortonville). Four generations of the family lived in E'ton and in the 50s moved to Grapevine.

I can't find where the family home was here and don't remember the name Benton, but I remember hearing of the Davenports. The answer Paula is looking for is "Where was Dutch's Store?" We think it is more likely it is between Grapevine Cemetery and maybe Sandcutt Rd. If there is someone who does recall the store and where it was located or something more about the Davenports and Bentons, Paula would be most appreciative. She hopes it has not become a piece of lost history.

Let me add here, in case family members are wondering, that I did participate in tradition and lunched on hog jowl (delicious & crispy), turnip greens, black-eyed peas, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. I washed it down with two tall glasses of really sweet tea. I was on strike and didn't cook but ate with friends at Swaggy P's across from the Queen on S. Main.

I ordered their "New Year's Special Platter." I might add we ate breakfast here this week, and I can vouch for their large, delicious omelets. I appreciated that on the bottom of their bill is printed a scripture. On New Year's Day, it was "O magnify the Lord with me. And let us exalt His name together." It was a nice start to the new year.

Janet Nichols of the James Larmouth Resource Center texts me a scripture each morning about 7 am. You guys know I'm not usually up by then. Except for the past two whirlwind weeks. Janet's message was a bit longer and suggested that each day of the new year we choose one person and add them to our prayers each day and pray diligently about their problems, ask for His blessings and give Him thanks. Janet's suggestion added that we should not tell this person nor share his or her name.

We are to expect no reward nor a thank you. It is between you and God. Perhaps if we all work at it, we can make 2020 a brighter year by showing love rather than hate each day. It shouldn't be something we have to think about or debate on. Loving others is a commandment. It's short and all-encompassing. It doesn't mention race, attitude, nationality, or political party. Simply "Love others." Sounds like a wonderful new year's resolution for a child of God.

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