Good morning Hopkins County, what a beautiful day it is here in the heart of the West Kentucky coalfield. As always, the Hardwicks hope and pray that you and yours had a great Christmas and that you are ready for 2020.

I got a message from one of White Plains longtime residents that is nowliving the good life in southern Florida -- Jennifer "Lu Lu," whose daughter Amy and my daughter Rebecca were big buddies growing up. She was letting me know that her sister Linda Larkins and her husband Jimmy Larkins celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Dec. 19th. Jimmy and Linda are also longtime residencts of White Plains and like Lu Lu, more like family to the Hardwicks.

Jimmy is now a patient at Ridgewood Nursing home in Madisonville and Linda is living in Madisonville where she is faithfully seeing to him daily. They love White Plains so much and have many friends and family here. We all share many memories of our times together. She wanted us to know she is thinking of folks back home.

Now for our New Year's resolutions. At this time, I have not made mine, so I had better get started. Resolutions, to me, are goals for the year. One for me just came to mine. Be the best husband, father, grandfather, and person I can be. Got a lot of work to do.

One of my very dear friends is in the hospital, Judy Hallum, she had two light strokes and has some other issues. For those of you that don't know Judy, she is a special young lady. We all wish her a speedy recovery.

Candis Vandiver has been struggling with some health issues, the reports that I am getting she is on the road to a 100% recovery. This lovely young lady was my son Nathaniel's guidance counselor at North. She is missed when she is away from her job. We all wish her the very best.

My neighbor Bruce Outlaw is fighting a serious health battle. Bruce is a fighter and will overcome this health issue. I just found out about Bruce and have not talked to him yet. Please add all these names to your prayer list. I will give you an update next week.

Ellen Parrish, my family nurse practitioner, will be leaving Health First in the next couple of weeks, what a loss. Ellen is one of the best in her field. She will take care of your health problems. Ellen has a great personality, always has a smile and just a great human being. Ellen will be missed by all. I want to thank her for all that she has done for me and my family. Wherever Ellen's road leads her we wish her the very best.

Please don't forget that we have a food bank and a thrifty store, which is located where the old city hall use to be. I am not sure where a lot of folks would be, especially kids, if we didn't have the food banks aroundthe county. It takes a lot of work and a lot of volunteers. Some like the Bread of Live Ministry even have a home cooked meal once a month. We can and we should take care of those less fortunate. I want to encourage each of you to donate, maybe be a volunteer. Remember, it's better to give that receive.

It's been a few weeks, if you haven't given blood in the past two months. I want to encourage you to go to the blood bank at Baptist Health and give a pint. They are always short and with all the potential donors in Hopkins County they should never been caught short of blood supplies. It only takes 30 minutes, and your donation could save 3 lives.

The Lions Clubs International Foundation is the giving arm of Lions Clubs International. For over 50 years, they have given millions all around the world every year. Wherever there was a disaster a need. A grant for a worthy cause is always at arm's length. Kentucky has received far more form LCIF than the Lions Members have contributed to LCIF.

I am asking all Club LCIF Representatives and other contacts in the club join me, as your District 43 GST (Global Service Team) Chairman. To reach one of the two Goals for our District. Will you encourage all your club members to make a donation to LCIF? That is a tall order, I know, but it's doable. We have six months to get this done.

The Kentucky Lions membership have been averaging about 5% that donate to LCIF. We can and we must do better. Remember the ice storm in 2009? LCIF was there for Hopkins County as well as our surrounding counties with money for supplies, shelter and food. What we give is nothing compared to what we have been given.

Will each of you take my Challenge over the next few months? Work with your club president and officers, get them involved, get their donation. along with yours. And when you have done your best, have the Club Secretary send in your donations with the members names.

Until next week, this is your old buddy Noel. Please contact me with what is going on in your world. Inquiring minds want to know.

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