Good morning, Hopkins County. It’s another day closer to spring, and another beautiful day in the heart of the west Kentucky coalfield. As always the Hardwick family hopes and prays that you and yours have had a great week since my last article.

I must apologize for this late story. On Monday, March 16 author Geraldine Sutton Stith was the program at the White Plains Community Center. She has a new book. The “Kelly Green Men: Alien Legacy Revisited.”

Now I know that I’m old, but I remember that happening like it was yesterday. As a matter of fact, me and Daddy went to Kelly. We were like everybody else. We wanted to see these little green fellows, and see if they were friend or foe. Now I can tell you, I didn’t see any of those little green fellows. Most likely with all the commotions, all the people, they went into hiding. I can tell you one thing for sure, it created a buzz around the south-end of the county.

I am sure that Stith’s book will be enlightening, and I know every year they have Kelly days, highlighting the little green men.The anticipation from a young boy from the Little Prairie getting an opportunity like this. You all that were around, and old enough to remember. They may never pass this way again.

I have a special report — my very good friend Judy Hallum is back to church after an extended bout with a couple of health issues. Judy and her husband, Joe, are just great people.

I need to get out more, this past Tuesday while Penny,Bro. John, Brenda and myself were having breakfast in Mortons Gap. I looked out the window, and two of my life long friends had pulled up. Billy and Nan Herring, Billy has been a little under the weather, add him to your prayer list. It was great seeing them out, two wonderful individuals.

The Hope2All doesn’t need egg cartons at this time thanks to you. However there is a big demand for salt & pepper. Don’t forget the wonderful project. Please support them.

I do have a few birthdays to announce: March 2, Anna Corburn,Lori Larkins, Kenny Lee, and Skylar Russell all shared this special day. I know their families made it a special birthday. March 7 Danielle Speirs was a year older, On March 12 Belle Englebright had a birthday, and on March 13, Karen Raymond was a year older. From all of us on the Little Prairie Congratulations.

Please don’t forget the Blood Bank at Baptist, they count on the fine folks of Hopkins County for most of the blood supply, its just a pint, you won’t miss it, and it saves lives.

Until next week, your old buddy Noel is signing off.

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