Western Kentucky FanCon set for Nov. 8-9

Hi, I'm Ashley. I am the Adult Programming and Marketing Coordinator at HCMPL. I'd like to share with you information about Western KY FanCon -- one of our biggest events of the year! This will be our 4th annual Western KY FanCon, and we have sure grown in the last four years. Also, we listened! Back by popular demand, we've went back to a two-day Con instead of last year's one day Con. Western KY FanCon is Friday and Saturday, November 8 - 9 from 10 a.m. -- 7 p.m. each day.

We are super excited about our Featured Guests this year! First up, MTV Reality Star Amo. Amo is a non-binary artist, activist, and reality TV star. Amo was first seen on MTV's "Real World" in 2016 where they both came out as pansexual and left the Mormon church on National Television. In 2017, Amo was cast on MTV's 'The Challenge' where they were the first openly non-binary person to be cast on the show.

During that same year, Amo penned an emotional #MeToo essay for People Magazine that went viral overnight. Since then, Amo has devoted their time to educating people about gender, sexuality, religion, and overcoming trauma and abuse. Since their time on Reality Television, Amo has begun Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and now speaks regularly about transgender visibility, and LGBTQIA equality. Currently, Amo is living in Nashville, TN and dividing their time between public speaking, working on their upcoming studio album, and filming their first TV drama: 'Stranger Hearts. Amo will have a special Q & A at FanCon Saturday at 5pm!

Come meet Beaux the Tyrannosaurus Rex and baby dinosaurs Cecelia the Triceratops, Takoda the Pterosaur, and Dolly the Diplodocus! Hands-on meet and greet with take-your-own photos between 6-8pm. Please note: Beaux & Friends will only be here FRIDAY EVENING from 6-8 p.m.! Beaux the T. Rex is an interactive character experience presented by Feller Express Trackless Train LLC. Based in Evansville.

Ai No Hoshi Maid Cafe is an independently owned, Southern Indiana based catering company that specializes in Japanese food, dance, and entertainment. We're proud to be one of the few Indiana Maid Cafe's in Indiana! The first Southern Indiana Maid Cafe to open in Evansville, Est. 2016.

For those of you that do not know, Drew created our fantastically creative poster for Western KY FanCon 2019. Drew says, "Fan Con is my favorite event of the year! I know almost everyone here so it's like a huge friend hang out! I make it my goal to have something new to show off each year to impress all my friends! I also like making original fan con stickers each year that I give out for free! Last year I drew the building but with huge robot arms. This year I'm doing the book superhero as a free sticker. I appreciate the library for all the hard work putting this together each year and for letting me draw the poster. It was a huge honor!"

We have amazing panels for you to enjoy! Two of our most popular panels -- Harry Potter's Care of Magical Creatures and Steven Universe From The Ground Up are brought to us by Asrya Kino. Rosemary Deppeler, known online as Asrya Kino, is a convention veteran. She's run panels,

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run panels, events, and been the cosplay director of her own convention, Daycon Clarksville. Known best for the mini carnival and party event: Pokeparty; she has a modest following of fans of her food-related panels and tastings. If you're hungry for more, catch her presentations and events at conventions or find her online as Asrya Kino or under her professional name -- Fluffy Tail Creations.

Peachie's Panels has been presenting comedic anime & manga panels since 2016~! While they specialize in boys love/ lgbt+ content, they also offer other gems such as "Questionable Anime & Where to Find Them" & "Kpop Concert Survival Guide." A Peachie panel is always a good time & full of shenanigans~! In addition to Peachie's panel content, she also runs a cosplay business which will have a booth this year -- Smol Art Beans! SAB specializes in cosplay masks & prop making! Come check out her stuff at the Smol Art Beans booth Saturday only! Or just come say hi & talk anime stuff! Fun times for all!

Other Panel's and programs over the weekend include: A live DND Demonstration, Kids Anime Party, Horror FX masks, Fandom Trivia, Podcasting 101, Cosplay for Beginners, a live Art Demo with Drew Arnett, Super Spooky Story Time, Cosplay Clue, Scavenger Hunts -- and so much more!

Don't forget to stop by our Artist Alley! We have local author Steve Asher, graphic novelist Barry Williams with My Name Is Proxy, fan favorite booth Little Tokyo, the Western Kentucky Anthropomorphic Association, local artists, crafters and vendors, Hopkins County Pride and the Hopkins County Paranormal Society! Also, important to note -- we will have a table top gaming room and a separate video gaming area available both days! We want to thank both OMGCon! and our Badfellas entertainment group for helping with the video game room and tournaments!

I know this is a lot of information to throw at you, but we sure hope to have you a part of our celebration! Every fandom, no matter how big, small or nerdy, deserves love. And Western KY FanCon 2019 is the place to show it! If you have questions or need more information about Western KY FanCon, please check out our website www.publiclibrary.org, or our social media: www.facebook.com/westernkyfancon or call Ashley at 270-825-2680.

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