It was a long hot summer, I apologize to all because I have been having some health issues and unable to write our column. I've said a couple of times before "growing older isn't easy." It seems Mortons Gap residents and its activities have taken a hiatus during our hot, humid summer. But thanks to Vickie Marsh and Mayor Chris Phelps for getting the critical funding of $835,000 through the Community Development Block Grant to replace old water lines that were put in place in the town in the 1980s.

There is a loss of 45% treated water (a loss of 22.5 gallons) that is purchased through the South Hopkins Water System. Our sewer and rates come from the city of Nortonville. Therefore we pay double for our water and sewer because we don't have our own sewer and water sources. Our little town only has 450 residents. Even though the city can't complete the project without an $800,000 loan from Kentucky Infrastructure Authority for 30 years for an half percent interest rate, $400,000 of the loan is forgiven, so Mortons Gap is out $400,000 to update its water system. From the repairs, they can take to that money to repair roads, pay the KIA loan off early or add another city worker. The city should get around $20,000 from the coal. They plan on repairing 6 city streets. I hope this time they put the right size pipes and repair a huge hole in a drain pipe at the end of Flat Creek Street before a child falls in the disaster waiting to happen. Also I heard rumors of a restroom and a concession stand being built at the park. My opinion is that is that it is a waste of money.

Everyone who attended the Annual Coalfield Festival had a great time and wanted to thank Nancy Faulk, Chairman of the Mortons Gap Civic Club in the success of the 2019 Coalfield Festival.

Thanks to everyone who contributed for the new roof on the Mortons Gap Independent Methodist Church. A former pastor, the Rev. Everett Grace always said keep the foundation and roof of the church in good condition, it will last forever. The church has announced that the Wed. night lessons will be held at 6 PM at Winders Farm until Oct. .31. Also the next fund raiser for the activity building fund will be held each Fri. and Sat. from Sept. 20-Oct. 31 from 7-11:00 PM. They will be hosting Haunted Windermere Manor and Hayride at Winders Farm, 127 Flat Creek Street, Mortons Gap, KY. A meeting/scare school will be held Sat. Sept. 14 from 2-7:00 PM.

The Nortonville Library announces its summer reading program was a great success. According to Mayor Scotty Harvey and Librarian/Museum Director Amy Bowman the next big event is the Nortonville Fall Festival which will be held on Sat. 28 from 6-8:30 PM in the Nortonville Gymnasium. There will be plenty of opportunities for photos, games for all ages, raffles, prizes for best dressed costumes, and great food. All proceeds will be used for the improvement of the library/museum. The attendance for the library and museum have greatly increased over the 2019 summer. We can't wait to hear what plans they have for the holidays.

Congratulations to the South Hopkins Middle School Soccer Team, they are having a great season. Thanks to coaches Dave and Allison Starks.

Happy Birthday goes out to Jailyn Basham on Sept. 1, Clay Massamore on Oct. 2, Sheila Carlton on Sept. 3, Lewis Dixon, Savannah Roberts and Andrea Cooper Wells on Sept. 4, Larry Halida and Jeff Kemble on Sept. 10, Megan Nielson, Olivia Webb on Sept .21, Lindsay Halida on Oct. 1, Tammy Moore and Stacy Stanley on Oct. 2, Matthew Tyson on Oct. 4, Derek Knowles, Teresa Wells on Oct. 5, Pamela Coakley on Sept. 6, Brooke Offutt White on Sept. 9, Ashley Hudson on Sept. 11, Trevor Brinkley on Sept. 12, Dennis Mayfield and Kendra Dee Hook on Sept. 13, Amanda Harvey, and Debra Allen on Sept. 14.

Happy Anniversary to Jason and Cristy Moore on Sept. 1, Mike and Misty Lear on Sept. 2, and T.J. and Mickie Crick on Sept .22.

Remember in your prayers of the families for the following deceased, Bevelry 73 of St. Charles, Aaron Farmer, 47 of Dalton, Wayne Dukes, 49 of Nortonville, Emmalene Knowles, 71 of Mortons Gap, Reggie Lee,75 of Mortons Gap, Kenneth Long, 81 of White Plains, Way Dukes, 49 of Nortonville, Doyle Brasher, 63 of Nortonville, Dallas Huddleston, 77 of Barnsley, Fannie Ford, 71 of Mortons Gap, and Taylor Darnell, 24 of Sebree.

Thanks so much to everyone who has called, left messages, or emails for the Mortons Gap News. This article can't be possible without your contributions, please keep the news coming in so this article can be a success. Call me at 270-258-9593, on face book or email me at

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