Good morning, Dawson Springs. Spring break is just around the corner, and with the current concerns and restrictions on travel, there is a gem of a local option for you to consider. The boat dock, mini-golf, 18-hole golf course, campground, hiking trails, lodge, and cabins will be up and running at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park.

The resort’s Clifty Creek Restaurant will also feature daily specials. For more information or to book your stay, call (270) 797-3421 or visit

If you see me out-and-about in town, chances are you’ll see at least one of my nieces by my side. More often than not, it’ll will be the 4-year-old, Rachel (one of June’s daughters). Since she’s 4, she wants to go anytime you fire up the automobile. She’s afraid she’ll miss something, and has high hopes that you’ll buy her a sugary snack while on your adventure. She also entertains the masses anywhere we go. I never know what she’s going to say.

Our most recent excursion was to the Beauty Shop last Friday. If it’s needed, Lindsey will cut her bangs while we’re there, but her bangs were at a perfect length--and she likes the attention, so she tagged along anyway. When we walked in, there was the small audience of Lindsey, Cheryl, Penny Budd, and Penny’s granddaughter. Rachel walked right in and greeted everyone, while telling Penny that she was hoping to get her bangs cut. (Deep down, I knew she was going to try it even though her bangs were fine.)

They have snacks available at the salon, and Rachel was quick to notice that Penny’s granddaughter was enjoying a bag of popcorn. She asked for a snack, and I told where to go to find one.

She also chose a bag of popcorn. Now, keep in mind that before this appointment, Rachel had never met Penny, but when she emerged from the back with her popcorn, she cozied right up next to her. As soon as she sat down, Rachel decided that she also needed a drink. She asked Penny to hold her snack while Cheryl took her in the back to select a beverage.

“Can I eat some popcorn?” Penny asked.

“No, you may not!” Rachel responded.

By this time, Penny’s granddaughter had finished her bag of popcorn, so to see how she’d react (and for our amusement), Penny switched the bags so that it appeared as if she had eaten all of Rachel’s popcorn.

“What did you get to drink, Rach?” I asked.

“Mrs. Cheryl helped me get some water, “ Rachel answered.

“Is it refreshing?” I inquired.

“But, of course,” Rachel said.

“I sure could use a drink of your water to wash down all of that popcorn,” Penny remarked.

“Here, hold this, but don’t drink it,” Rachel ordered, already feeling comfortable enough with Penny to make demands.

Rachel reached down into the sack to discover there was no popcorn, turned her head to look directly at Penny, and growled. We all laughed as Penny exchanged the sacks of popcorn to reveal Rachel’s true bag still filled to the brim.

When I dropped Rachel off with her mom later that night, I overheard a conversation she had with her older sister, Molly, who is 8.

“Mrs. Lindsey has a box of toys in the back of the store, Rachel said.

“That’s crazy. Why would she have toys at a salon?” Molly asked.

“So when a mom is ready to get rid of her kids, she just sends them back there to play,” Rachel answered.

Out of the mouths of babes. Special thanks to Penny for being such a good sport.

As always, thanks for reading. Please contact me with your doings in Dawson Springs as I look forward to your emails, calls, and chats. You can email me at, text or call (270) 871-9356, or message me at www facebook com/KhakiRocks.

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