Welcome to 2020, Dawson Springs. When speaking of the new year, it is customary to consider resolutions, or personal goals to conquer as the earth takes its next revolution around the sun. As in tradition, several Dawsonians have volunteered to share their resolutions for 2020 with readers.

Darla Adams has three: "to be the best me I can be, do a random act of kindness every month, and to give God all the glories in my life." Darla's husband, Willie, doesn't plan on partaking in the tradition of designating resolutions, so that he isn't disappointed when it doesn't pan out or he doesn't follow through with the plan after all.

Allison Bissell has seven ideas to improve her life. Number one is to "work hard to regain remission status of my pseudotumor." Her second resolution of losing weight goes hand-in-hand with her first goal. Plans three to seven for 2020

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include: "more girls' trips, more date nights with my husband, learn I can't fix everything, look for new ways to be a better leader to my nursing staff, and to be a better wife."

Crystal Day added some humor to remind us that resolutions don't have to be serious. "I plan not to win the lottery this year. I feel it's obtainable." Dusty Vinson feels he has two improvements to make in 2020: "to be more patient and try not to stress so much."

Six personal goals stand between Sherry Vinson and a more pleasant year: "eat healthier, take better care of myself, avoid drama, rest more, enjoy life, and learn it's okay to say 'no.' "

As for me, I read a list of New Year's resolutions you can steal from your dog, and when I consider how happy my "granddog" Quincy the Boxer seems to be in the life that he leads, the list seems pretty perfect. The checklist includes: "get excited by by the simple things in life, be quick to forgive, devote more time to naps, don't worry about that second treat, be a loyal friend and a good listener, and love unconditionally." If you're a "dog person" like I am, I am sure you can agree that mirroring your best friend's attributes will make your life much sweeter during the next year, which is also the beginning of a new decade. Let's get started on the right foot (or paw in this case).

As always, thanks for reading. My wish for you is that you have 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of cheer, 365 successful days, good health for the next 8,750 hours, 52,600 minutes of comfort, and 3,153,600 seconds of joy. Special thanks to Darla, Willie, Allison, Crystal, Dusty, and Sherry for participating. We wish you luck.

Please contact me with your doings in Dawson Springs, as I look forward to your emails, calls, and chats. You may email KhakiRocks1996@gmail.com, text or call (270) 871-9356, or message www.facebook.com/KhakiRocks.

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