Good morning Hopkins County. Where had you rather be than here in the Heart of the West Kentucky Coalfield? We are one week closer to spring. The weather for this time of year is OK.

As always, the Hardwick family hopes and prays that you and yours had a great week and that the next one will be even better.

First the good news. Our Dance Cats did it again. They were in Paducah this past weekend dancing their legs off and winning BIG! They won Over All Grand Champion this is a good as it gets. They will compete twice more this year. Our Kali Nikole Adams as she prefers to be called, was so happy that all her hard work paid off again. The girls all got new Dance Jackets with hoods that says, Crown Champion. Go Cats!!! Great job girls and coach Whitney, you are outstanding.

I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself. They say in everyone’s life a little rain must fall. In the past couple of days, the dog hides one of my computer cables so the computer was down, our cook stove had a problem, it blew up and with seven in the house, that is a major problem. Then to top it all off last night, the car started to act up. Now the weather is calling for flash flooding, so the rain is going to keep falling for a while.

Well as Paul Harvey always said, here is the rest of the story. One of my very dear friends Stu Wilcox answered my call for help and supplied me with a spare cable for the computer and it is up and running now. Thank you so much Stu. My dear friend Tim who does some appliance repair, fixed my stove in record time. We are back to cooking. Not that Penny is proud of that, after 41 + years of wedded bliss, she just recently told me she hates to cook.

It will be next week before I can give you a report on the car. I drove it to another Old Buddy James Woodruff, and he will be letting me know just what the damage is there in a day or so. I pray it’s something small and inexpensive. Now you know the rest of the story. The moral of this story, sometime it’s a drizzle and sometimes it just pour’s down.

Kentucky’s own Abraham Lincoln was born on Feb. 12, 1809. The 16th President of the United States and in my humble opinion the best President in our storied history.

Valentine’s day will have come and gone by the time you read this article. My hopes are that all of us southern gentleman did the right thing and make it a special day for our wife’s or girlfriends. I am the world’s worst about cards and candy. Just ask Penny. At her age maybe she will not think about it until it is over, and I can get her something at about 75% off. Nothing like saving a dime.

Brother John Shoulta will be having some additional surgery this past week. It will be a in and out. They will bust a couple of kidney stones . Please put Bro. John on your prayer list. We need him running on all six.

If you have not supported the bank and thrifty store in town, please do so. Its located where the old White Plains City Hall was. I will be getting by there and get some more information.

I went to Shelby’s tire this past week helping a friend get some tire for their car. I did ask about Mike. He is fighting some serious health issues. Mike is a great guy. Let’s all pray for Mike a complete healing.

I only have one birthday; my old buddy Kenny Lee will be 60 years old on Feb. 29. So, if you see Kenny wish him a happy birthday.

I ran into a good friend that works at Baptist Blood Bank, they ask is I would encourage all my readers, to go give a pint of blood. It only takes 30 minutes, you get a coal drink and a cookie or two, while you help save three lives. Think about that, saving three lives. And it’s almost painless. They are a great bunch of dedicated individuals that work for the blood bank.

Until next week, this is your old buddy Noel E. Hardwick signing off. Please remember, I need you letting me know what is going on in your world.

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